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5 Awesome Things To Do With Your BFF

5 Awesome Things To Do With Your BFF

Cher and Dionne of Clueless stand back to back, a classic best friend duo.

June 8 is National Best Friends Day! Instead of spending the day solo, why not grab your very best friend and celebrate in one of these fun ways:

1. Plan a Pinterest night

You’ve pinned approximately 1,000 DIY pins and have yet to do one. Typical Pinterest problem. There’s power in numbers – so why not tackle your must-have projects with your BFF? Perhaps a friendship bracelet?

2. Take a class together

Zumba is always more fun when you can laugh the entire time with your bestie (and it engages your abs too!). Not a big gym-goer? Head to a Paint Nite class for some easy step-by-step painting, accompanied by glasses of wine.

3. Go on a date

Treat BFF day like you would any important anniversary. Start with dinner at your favorite restaurant, followed by a movie or show. Friends are for life, after all.

4. Have a sleepover

Be real grownup friends by revisiting your youth. Spend the night eating Rice Krispie Treats, not sleeping and telling secrets until the sun comes up. (We recommend Parent Trap as the sleepover flick of choice.)

5. Get a couples massage

Even if you have an SO, BFF couples massages are the way to go. Book a Zeel Couples Massage and relax side-by-side to recharge for the week.

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