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Sleep Music For Your Massage Or Meditation

Sleep Music For Your Massage Or Meditation

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A massage is often, by its nature, relaxing. But what’s truly powerful is combining massage with the power of music. Find out the best sleep music to play during a massage at home – chosen by licensed massage therapists.

If you’re getting an in-home massage from Zeel, you can always request that the massage therapist play one of these tracks to soothe you during your massage therapy. But you don’t need to wait for a massage to enjoy these tunes. Here, you’ll find some of the best music for sleep and relaxation. (Hint: these soundtracks are also excellent for bedtime meditation – just pair them with an app like Headspace.)

Choosing the right sleep music source

Streaming music players like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music have a few channels that therapists love for reliably relaxing music. Some favorite tracks chosen by therapists include Music for Brainwave Massage and Soundscapes Relaxing Music.

Another therapist suggests Soothing Ocean Sounds – with a caveat. While this massage music can soothe, she says, the aquatic noises may also trigger an urge to go to the bathroom.

Ring a (meditation) bell

It may be something of an acquired taste, but those who enjoy the chimes of Tibetan bowls (a sort of bell used in meditation) will relish this Tibetan Healing Sounds track.

Best musical artists for snoozing

There are a few individual artists that massage therapists say are great to fall asleep to.  One NYC massage therapist says her preferred artist is Chris Thile, an acclaimed mandolinist. Another therapist finds Moby music induces sleep in most cases.  For classic tunes, Pink Floyd received a surprising amount of praise for massages at night meant to promote restful sleep.

The whiter the noise, the better

When all else fails, add white noise to your massage, meditation, or bedtime routine. White noise works by masking “bad” noises from the outside. There are many good white noise soundtracks available or make your own by running the fan.

One last tip –  if you use a streaming music service, spring for the premium service (or at least try the free Spotify or Apple Music trial).  Hearing advertisements blaring in the middle of your sleep-inducing music is the opposite of relaxation.

We hope these suggestions to help you get to sleep are helpful to you.  Whether you’re combining restful tunes with a sleep massage in your house, or just adding calming music to your nightly routine, we’re sure that you’ll be asleep in no time.

Good night!

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