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Relaxing in Hotels: How to (Really) Unwind On Your Next Trip

Relaxing in Hotels: How to (Really) Unwind On Your Next Trip

HotelTonight and Zeel Massage - How to Relax in Your Hotel

It’s important to mellow out in your hotel room and create a soothing environment for yourself when traveling. So we asked our friends at HotelTonight for the inside scoop on hotels with special features that will make your stay truly relaxing.


Surrey NYC Room Service

Order room service

Chances are, you won’t feel like going out for a fancy dinner after a full day of airport crowds. Plus, what’s better than eating fine fare in a plush robe from the comfort of your bed? Unless you have a pre-existing restaurant reservation with a friend or client, try the room service menu — many hotels have in-room dining courtesy of their restaurant partners. Take The Surrey New York in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, for example. This boutique hotel offers 24-hour room service from Michelin star awarded Café Boulud, voted as some of the best room service in the world.


Dream Hotel NYC Downtown rooftop pool deck

Hang by the pool

If you’re lucky enough to be staying in a hotel with a pool, swimming is an excellent way to calm the nerves. Some say it has the same relaxation effects as yoga or meditation. Create your own version of aquatic therapy by venturing down to the hotel pool. Carmel Valley Ranch in California offers a swimming area right next to their outdoor dining space, and the Dream Downtown New York boasts a glass-bottom pool floating directly above the lobby, along with the only sand beach deck in the city.


Zeel hotel massage in-room delivery

Get a massage delivered to your room

Nothing soothes airplane seat-induced back pain and the stress of travel quite like a massage. If you’re not the type to go to a spa (or if your hotel doesn’t have a spa nearby), you’re in luck: you can order an on-demand, spa-quality massage directly to your hotel room with Zeel. So if you’re staying at Miami’s Riviera South Beach or Atton Brickell Hotel — or any hotel in across the nation, for that matter — you can create your very own pop-up spa without even leaving your room. Just open the Zeel app on your iOS or Android device, select a female or male massage therapist, choose from massage techniques ranging from Swedish to deep tissue to sleep massage, and voila. Kiss your stress goodbye.


Mondrian Los Angeles hotel rooftop sunset

Take in the rooftop scenery

Sometimes the best way to lift your mood is to literally change your elevation. If you’re staying at a place like the Mondrian Los Angeles, make sure you take advantage of the scenic rooftop views overlooking LA. The Mondrian offers a Skybar where you can enjoy a bottle of Moët while watching the breathtaking sunset. Couple this with an in-room massage beforehand, and you’ve got the perfect nightcap.


Pet friendly hotels

Relax with an animal companion

Hanging with your furry friend is scientifically proven to boost happiness and have therapeutic effects, and if you’re fortunate enough to be staying in a pet-friendly hotel, this is a great way to add to the relaxing ambience. The Calistoga Ranch in California’s wine country and Hotel Zetta in San Francisco both allow pets, so you don’t have to leave your darling Frenchie with his dogsitter on your next trip. If you’re combining tips 3 and 5 and would like to order a massage while your pet is in the room, don’t worry — 93% of Zeel Massage Therapists don’t mind if a pet is on the premises during a massage.


In celebration of National Relaxation Day, use the promo code RELAX20 for $20 off your first Zeel Massage.


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