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Mother’s Day Subscription Gifts You Can Buy Last-Minute

Mother’s Day Subscription Gifts You Can Buy Last-Minute

Gift for Mother's Day

Of course you would never forget to get a present for Mother’s Day. Not you! But let’s say, hypothetically, someone woke up and realized that Mother’s Day was around the corner – or even, today – and they didn’t have a great gift for Mom.

Oh, and let’s add fuel to this scenario and say that you need to go big this Mother’s Day. How do you buy something great at the last minute?

The solution for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts

The solution: a subscription gift. Choose a gift you can plan ahead of time – but buy in a minute. That way, you’ll show that you’re thinking of Mom all year long. An impressive gift – without all the legwork.

Here are five great gifts with a lasting impact that you can order online (and not have to pay expedited shipping).

Massage On Demand

You know we’re going there. There are thousands of places to get a massage in the US, fewer great places to get a massage from a licensed massage therapist, and surpassingly few massage memberships. Zeel offers the only in-home massage membership, and it’s a great way to give Mom a wellness gift she can use all year long. Another well-known subscription for massage is Massage Envy – if you’re choosing between Zeel and Massage Envy, here’s a membership comparison.

Tea of the month

Mom will know that you’re thinking of her every time she brews a cup of tea, thanks to the yearly tea subscription that you so thoughtfully bought for her. Tea is not just delicious, it’s full of antioxidants (cancer-fighting compounds) too. Help Mom go beyond Lipton and Earl Grey with a subscription to tea subscription services like Teabox or Teavana.  

Streaming music subscription

Does Mom like tunes? Maybe she’d like to make her own mellow massage music soundtrack? Give her a subscription to a music streaming service like Pandora or Spotify.  She won’t find her morning jog or late-night sauna interrupted by pesky ads (those are for plebes without thoughtful Mother’s Day gift givers), and she’ll be able to appreciate your musical gift all year long.

News she can use

Newspaper and magazine subscriptions are even easier for tech-loving moms to use, now that she can access her favorite publications on her smartphone, tablet or laptop. No need to wait for a paper to be tossed onto your front door. Many well-regarded daily newspapers have gift subscriptions available, including The New York Times and Washington Post. Or give her access to more than 20 popular magazines with one subscription to Texture.


Admittedly, giving Mom the gift of cleanliness can be fraught, but we know plenty of mothers who would appreciate a monthly helping hand with housekeeping and laundry. After all, we can’t all be Marie Kondo. Some gifts that will please many moms include a subscription to Cleanly, the on-demand laundry and drycleaning company, and Handy, the home cleaning app.  

A membership to an institution she loves

Consider a membership to a museum or other cultural organization that floats Mom’s boat. Is Mom an animal lover?  Give her an annual membership to the local zoo.  Gifts for gardening fans can include a membership to a park, like the Central Park Conservancy, or a nearby botanical garden.  While it might take a week or so for Mom to get the official membership card, she’ll typically be able to start enjoying the benefits of membership right away – perfect for that trip to the museum after a Mother’s Day brunch.  


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