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Getting a Zeel Massage on your Airbnb Vacation

Getting a Zeel Massage on your Airbnb Vacation

A two-set of photos show a classic airstream against a California sunset, with palm trees and a rainbow in the distance.

It’s time to hit the road!  Luckily, since Zeel Massage is in 34 cities and regions across the country, wherever your travels take you, it’s likely that Zeel Massage will be waiting for you there.

Perhaps you’re one of the millions of people who choose to use an Airbnb as your primary place to stay. The thing is, while Airbnb is known for its local charm,  it’s not really the place for a hotel massage. Fortunately, with Zeel, you can get an Airbnb massage delivery – just ask the New York Times about getting a Zeel Massage.

Here are five Airbnbs we’ve found that would be a perfect backdrop for a Zeel Massage – of course, we’re available in each area!


Fireworks, sun, surf, palm trees and a shiny Airstream trailer, all to yourself – and your Malibu Zeel Massage Therapist.  (Plus, Zeel

West Palm Beach

Like the idea of a poolside massage in West Palm Beach? So do we.


We’d also be down with the notion of said poolside Zeel Massage in Phoenix.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is one of Zeel’s newest cities. When you want a great massage in Santa Barbara, Zeel delivers a massage to your beautiful location, like this one. (Aren’t all locations beautiful in Santa Barbara?)

New York City

More of an urban type? Schedule your mobile massage with Zeel for the outdoor balcony at this charming West Village townhouse. Living the life!

Chicago has some of the best architecture in the United States. What better backdrop for a Zeel Massage?

Remember, if you’re sharing your Airbnb with the owners, give them advance notice that a Zeel Massage Therapist will be coming by. They’ll be grateful – and jealous!

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