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Four Places to Get a Massage at the White House

Four Places to Get a Massage at the White House

Cartoon illustration of the white house with a Zeel "Z" flag flying at the top

Presidents’ Day is this Monday.  And we’re sure that President Obama (not to mention Michelle) could use a Washington D.C. massage this Presidents’ Day Weekend (not to mention, it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday too, you lovebirds!)

In President Obama’s honor, we’re bringing you four places at the White House that would be perfect for an in-home (or in-House) Zeel Massage.

The Oval Office

The West Wing isn’t just a pretty decent (jk, it’s great) show starring Martin Sheen and a very young Elisabeth Moss, it’s also home to the Oval Office, where President Obama spends much of his daytime government gig.  And since Zeel delivers a great massage to your home, hotel, or workplace, we’re happy to send of our great Zeel Massage Therapists on demand to the Oval Office. Just push the Resolute Desk out of the way and you’re set, Mr. President!

The South Lawn

The scenic South Lawn was first graded by Thomas Jefferson.  Now home to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll and the canine romps of Bo and Sunny, it would also make a marvelous spot for an al fresco Zeel Massage. After all, a Zeel Massage works just as well outside by a pool or helipad as it does inside – might want to wait for warmer weather first.

The Lincoln Bedroom

We’ve all been there.  We’re honored overnight guests in the historic Lincoln Bedroom, and suddenly, our back starts to hurt. No need to suffer on the ultra-firm rosewood Lincoln Bed (the 19th century wasn’t known for its creature comforts) – Zeel Massage is on demand and on call. We can be at the Lincoln Bedroom in as little as an hour from the time you book on the Zeel app for iPhone or Android (assuming the Secret Service lets us through) for a great in-home massage.

The White House Situation Room

From the Bay of Pigs to Abbottabad, the White House Situation Room is often the site of tense brinkmanship. And what better way to dispel the stress of fighting America’s enemies worldwide than with a great Zeel Massage!  Why not opt for a group chair or table massage – army bigwigs and CIA analysts alike will enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating short table or chair massage, right in the comfort and convenience of the Situation Room.

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