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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Valentine's Day flowers on bed

Despite your best intentions to plan your Valentine’s Day ahead of time, your annual February day of romance has sneaked up on you yet again. Don’t worry – it’s entirely possible to plan a great last-minute   Valentine’s Day, and Zeel is here to help you do it.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Tip 1

Move the celebration to Presidents Day Weekend

One piece of Valentine’s Day advice that many people overlook, especially when Valentine’s Day occurs on a weekday. Fortunately, right after Valentine’s Day comes the long Presidents’ Day Weekend, a perfect stretch of time to not only commemorate the wisdom of the Founding Fathers but to give yourself a few days to plan a more extensive celebration. It will be much easier to book that restaurant where you had your first date, and you’ll have a few more days to get those red roses delivered. (And the classic romantic boxes of chocolates should be on sale by Saturday too.) Plus, you’ll have something to look forward to as you avoid the Sunday Scaries (Monday, in this instance.) Delaying V-Day is also a great option if you have children at home an forgot to book a babysitter for your last-minute Valentine’s Day.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Tip 2

Set the mood at home

If planning a special occasion at a restaurant or grabbing tickets to a play seems daunting, consider creating a haven at home. First step: keep it clean. If you don’t have time to tidy up at home, book a home cleaning service (get recommendations for local cleaners on Nextdoor or book with Handy or Homeaglow). Second step: play romantic music. These are great picks for couples massages but work just as well for any night in. Third step: create ambiance with candles. Vanilla is a popular relaxing scent, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Fourth step: plan a relaxing activity at home. Booking a same-day couples massage home delivery from Zeel is incredibly popular and easy when you have the massage app. Or watch your favorite show on Netflix, HBO, or Hulu. (Hint: Breaking Bad is a great show but not too romantic. Try these Valentine’s Day-appropriate movies on Netflix instead.)

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Tip 3

Get instant gifts online

Sometimes we worry so much about finding the perfect present that we end up procrastinating. If you’ve found yourself without a present for your partner, don’t despair. There are some great last-minute gifts that you can email or have delivered for Valentine’s Day.

  • E-gift cards work well – just make sure you choose a store or brand you know your sweetheart will enjoy.
  • Do you need to set up that massage music? Hard to go wrong with a subscription to a streaming music service like Apple Music, Pandora, or Spotify. Plus, no ads.
  • On-demand services make great instant gifts. Give a massage membership for a year of in-home massages, at home food delivery prep, or even dry cleaning.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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