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How to Spring Clean Your Life With Sage Smudging

How to Spring Clean Your Life With Sage Smudging

Sage smudging ritual at Zeel

Spring cleaning isn’t just about tossing out stuff that’s been collecting dust. It’s also about ridding funky energy that’s built up. Smudging your home, office, or even your body with sage is the perfect way to cleanse. I tried three methods to incorporate sage into my daily routine to get me ready and rejuvenated for spring.

Sage stems from the Latin word, Salvia, which means “to heal.” Smudging is the act of cleansing yourself and your home of stagnant energy with the help of burning sage. For centuries, many cultures believe that cleansing yourself of lingering negative energy heals you from the effects the energy left behind.

3 different ways to cleanse through smudging

1. Using a smudge stick

You can purchase sage smudge sticks at your local natural food store. Mine came with extra smudge sticks and an abalone shell, which is the perfect way to collect ashes that may fall as you’re smudging. Abalone shells are used during the smudging processes because they represent the element of water and have many healing properties.

I start by taking a few minutes centering myself and being mindful of my breathing – clearing my mind of any troubles and leaving only positive thoughts. I then lite the smudge stick and hold it in one hand while holding the abalone shell in the other. Beginning with my head, I’ll take the smudge stick and move it in a clockwise motion around my body until I reach my feet. Walking slowly around the room, I hold the smudge stick near the walls, allowing the smoke to trickle up towards the ceilings – really concentrating on gateway areas like corners, doors, and windows where energy can linger. Once I’m finished, I leave the smudge stick on the abalone shell until it burns out on its own. To complete the ritual, I take the ashes in the shell and dump them outside on a plot of dirt so that any energy burned can find its way back to the Earth.

saging ritual at Zeel

This is personally my favorite method of using sage to rid myself of any lingering negative energy – especially on occasions when I feel like I’m having a string of bad luck. Many people often smudge after a breakup or job change to lift their spirits.

2. Burning incense

This method is the easiest by far. I was having a major creative block and was under a deadline. I needed a boost of energy and some good vibes around me, so I picked up some white sage incense sticks to see if it would help.  The energy in the room felt noticeably lighter and it didn’t hurt that I also really enjoy the scent of white sage! It’s not as over-stimulating compared to the compactly packed smudge stick and gets the job done.

3. Adding essential oils

For essential oils and aromatherapy lovers, adding sage oil can help stimulate the mind and help address mental fatigue and depression. Essential oils are a perfect remedy to smudging without the smoke. I found the best way to incorporate this into my routine was by adding a few drops to my diffuser before meditating. Sage is beneficial to your pets as well. A little goes a long way and when inhaled, sage can help calm nerves, alleviate headaches, and help relax muscles.

Whether you’re hoping to start spring with positive energy or to elevate your next in-home massage, cleansing your space with the help of sage will leave the energy around you feeling light and balanced. Smudging isn’t for everyone, but I personally enjoyed the process. New York City can feel very hectic, but after incorporating some sage into my routine, I feel more rested and at peace before tackling my day.

These are the opinions of Zeel’s marketing senior associate extraordinaire, Nora Son, based on her own personal experience. Individual responses can vary greatly.

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