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11 Office Party Pinterest Ideas

11 Office Party Pinterest Ideas

Not everyone can have an awesome party-planning committee like the one on The Office. We’ve got you covered, even if you’re short on time, money, and resources. Be your own party-planning committee and throw a cool holiday office party.These 10 ideas will show your employees you appreciate them –  Pam, Angela, and  Phyllis would be proud. Check out Pinterest for these great ideas and more.

A laid-back dress theme

Dressing up for a holiday party can be stressful for many employees. What is “festive attire,” anyway? Be proactive – make everyone comfy by instituting a “flannel shirt” dress code. Flannels are a cozy, stress-free winter staple. Let your inner lumberjack shine.

Don we now our plaid apparel!

Get your toss on

Add fun and games to the holiday fete. Here’s a simple party game that everyone will enjoy.  You just need some holiday-friendly jingle bells and a few cups (go classic with red Solos)  The goal is to successfully aim your jingle bells inside some jolly red cups before your opponent does. Your collegiate beer pong experience finally serves a purpose.

Jingle Bell Toss

Koozie party favors

No one likes lukewarm drinks.  Keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks chilly with custom koozies. (Hot chocolate makes a great holiday party refreshment, for example – see right below.) Customize with your company’s logo or name, or with some festive holiday motifs. Employees can keep the koozies as a party souvenir afterward too.

Drink Up Grinches Cozy

Hot chocolate bar

Hot chocolate is a great way to share the holiday spirit. Let your office community indulge in a comforting, decadent chocolate experience with a DIY cocoa bar.  Your officemates will love customizing their cup of chocolate goodness with an assortment of toppings like marshmallows, toffee, whipped cream, and candy canes to stir with.  Chocolate is always a huge hit.

Hot Chocolate Bar

DIY snow

Everyone deserves a white Christmas – even if you live in, for example, Houston.  When life doesn’t give you snow, make it! Repurpose the small pieces of paper found in your handy office shredder and voila, eco-friendly snow. Spread some of this faux-snow against the office window for a  wintry Christmas touch.

Three Eco Friendly DIT Snow Recipes

Ugly Christmas sweaters

If flannels weren’t your thing, we’ve got another dress theme idea for you. Let your office proudly show off their ugliest Christmas sweater. You can even have everyone participate in voting for the ugliest one.  Employees will be thrilled to finally get some use out of that hideous gift from Aunt Erma.

On-site massages

The holiday season is fun – but it’s also often the most stressful time of the year, as employees rush headlong toward end-of-year deadlines. Reward and relax employees this year with a chair massage, delivered by Zeel. During your office party, employees can experience total relaxation with a short chair massage, aimed at relieving back and neck pain.  The licensed massage therapists booked through Zeel will transform stressed employees into blissful ones – evaporating a year’s worth of worries in mere minutes.

Massage Benefits

Snack spread

No office party is complete without food – but you don’t need to splash out for a caterer for an appealing spread. Fruit, cheese, crackers, and candy can go a long way. Or consider an office potluck – no one can resist homemade sugar cookies.

Cheesemas Tree

Grinch kabob

Still hungry? Running out of snacks at an office party is never ideal. Go cute and healthy with this fun Grinch kabob. Composed of a mix of fruits and mini marshmallows, this super-cute and simple Seussian kabob will leave everyone at the office satisfied. Instagrammers will take special delight in showing off their festive holiday snack.

Grinch Kabobs

Mug exchange

Secret Santa gift exchanges are a popular holiday tradition – but it’s often hard to know what to get co-workers, and added gifting stress does not make for a happy holiday. Make workplace gifting easier, more affordable, and more fun with a mug exchange.   Everyone needs a new coffee mug that’s not chipped. (You can manage the name exchange with free Secret Santa software, like Elfster.)

Mug Swap With Authentic Daydreams

Photo booth

Commemorate your awesome holiday party with a DIY Polaroid photo booth. Encourage employees to hashtag and share their memories with all of their friends on the internet. Stock up on whimsical props and costumes to show that you really know how to throw an office party.

Polaroid Merry Christmas

Now you should be ready to plan a great holiday office party, even at the last minute. Happy holidays!

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