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Zack is a writer, producer and marketer with 10+ years' experience in the advertising, nonprofit and tech startup industries. He is currently the Education Production Team Lead at Foundr Magazine, a web site for entrepreneurship education and was previously Content Manager at Zeel. Learn more about Zack on LinkedIn.

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The perfect Mother's Day gift for you and your wife – a couples massage from Zeel
Why a Couples Massage is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your relationship with a couples massage—especially for new moms and dads. Give your wife the gift of bliss.

mothers day gift experiences, including a Zeel mom massage
Mother’s Day Gift Experiences for Moms With Enough Stuff

Does your mom already have enough “stuff” at home? Here’s a list of 14 Mother’s Day experience gifts to think about giving her this May.

Personal Space: How the CEO of Breather Takes a Breather
Personal Space: How the Breather CEO Takes a Breather

Zeel interviews Julien Smith, CEO of Breather, about the benefits of alone time, meditation, good sleep, and other restorative tips for a productive workday.

Best Standing Desks for Administrative Professionals Day
The Best Standing Desks for Administrative Professionals

A curated list of the best standing desks to reward your employees this Administrative Professionals Day.

HotelTonight and Zeel Massage - How to Relax in Your Hotel
Relaxing in Hotels: How to (Really) Unwind On Your Next Trip

After a stressful day of travel, you’re finally ready to relax. Our friends at HotelTonight share top hotel picks with amenities to will help you truly unwind.

Waking up from a nightmare
Getting Rid of Nightmares: Tips for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Nightmares aren’t just frightening, they can also be a warning sign for future health issues. Learn how to dismiss these scary dreams from your slumber.

Better Call Zeel - Mobile Massage Launches in Albuquerque
Better Call Zeel: Mobile Massage App Launches in Albuquerque

Better Call Saul isn’t the only on-demand hit to grace Albuquerque this season. Zeel, the world’s first in-home massage service app, launches in the ABQ.

best travel apps for last minute luxury
18 Best Travel Apps for Last-Minute Luxury

Sudden trips can be deluxe getaways too – just use these great apps for last-minute travel.