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Overnight Repair Creams

Repair creams are formulated to moisturize, plump, and smooth your skin while you sleep. Powerful moisturizers are combined with polypeptides and anti-oxidants to help slow the signs of aging.


Other names: Overnight cream.

How it works: Night creams work to reverse aging by bombarding the skin with a powerful combination of ingredients. Polypeptides firm up the skin, strengthen collagen, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Humectants attract water molecules to the outer layer of skin, making sure that the skin stays moisturized all through the night. Some repair creams contain an alpha-hydroxy acid to exfoliate. Some night creams also contain antioxidants to fight free radical activity in the skin.

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Buy: At a pharmacy, department store or cosmetics store, from $20 to $150 a jar.

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New developments: Chemists are constantly formulating and experimenting with new, potentially powerful anti-aging ingredients, like zeatin and kinetin. Not all new formulations are clinically tested, however, so it is important to research any new or proprietary ingredients in your repair cream.