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What can I expect from my Zeel Massage?

First of all, expect your Zeel Massage to be easy and relaxing. You don’t need to book ahead, trek to a studio or fret about tax and tip. Your Zeel Massage Therapists will take care of nearly everything (except for a few things described below). We're here to soothe you. Just get ready to de-stress and unwind.

If you’re a visual type, you might want to watch Massage On Demand in action on ABC News. For more details, read on.

After your massage is booked, your Zeel Massage Therapist will call or text beforehand as they are en route to your location. Your massage therapist will arrive approximately 10 minutes before your massage is scheduled to begin to set up the table and make other preparations.

Prior to their arrival, you should clear an area for the massage table. This area should be about 6 by 10 feet. You should also grab two clean sheets, a towel, a pillow and a pillowcase. These linens will be used to cover the massage table and the pillow can be used for support during the massage.

When the therapist arrives, she will introduce herself and set up the table in your designated space. You do not need to assist with the table set-up. Give her the linens, which she will use to cover the massage table.

Once the massage table is set up, the massage therapist will excuse herself to wash her hands. This is your cue to undress down to your underwear and get under the top sheet on the massage table. Start in a face-down position with your face in the cradle and your arms hanging loosely over the sides of the table.

After checking that you are ready, the massage therapist will perform the massage. As with any massage, make sure to indicate to your therapist if you require deeper or lighter pressure, or if you have any particularly sensitive or problematic areas on your body.

After the massage, the therapist will fold up the table and leave in a few minutes. You do not need to do anything else, as the tip is included in your Zeel Massage service. Just relax – we’re here to soothe and take care of you.

It’s that easy!


How does Zeel vet the therapists in its network?

We’ve very careful about the Zeel Massage Therapists (ZMTs) we select to join the Zeel network. We interview all of our ZMTs in person and make sure they are degreed, licensed in their state of practice and up-to-date on their liability insurance coverage. We also look for high-end experience and a history of superior customer service and satisfaction.

In most states, including New York State, all applications to become a licensed massage therapist are investigated and validated by a state investigator. If the investigator discovers any falsehoods in the application, the license is denied. In cases of questionable legal or moral issues, the application is reviewed and vetted by the Office of Professional Discipline. This office determines whether or not the applicant can safely work with the public.


Why does Zeel verify my identity with the last four digits of my social security number?

Zeel is committed to ensuring both your safety and the safety of our ZMTs. We ensure your safety by thoroughly vetting our ZMTs. Verifying your identity provides an added layer of security for our ZMT team. We work with Experian, the global ID verification agency, to verify your identity. The last four digits of your social security number are used only by Experian for this purpose. The numbers are securely transmitted by Zeel to Experian and not retained on Zeel's servers. Additionally, this ID check is not a credit check and has no effect on credit ratings.


Why does Zeel need my credit card?

We charge your card after your massage is complete. Massages aren't free. We wish they were, but our ZMTs are certified, licensed professionals, and they need to be paid.


Why does Zeel verify my mobile phone?

We text you confirmation of your massage appointment as well as a reminder an hour before your appointment (or 30 minutes, in the case of last-minute appointments). Your massage therapist may also text or call you to confirm arrival or ask a question about your location.


Why can't I pick my therapist?

In order to guarantee an appointment when you want it, we have to assign the nearest available therapist. Think of us as a virtual spa, where you get whichever one of our excellent therapists is available at the time you want. Note that we do have a Favorites feature, whereby you can prioritize or preference your request to your favorite therapist(s).


How do I book back-to-back massages for my spouse/ partner/ boyfriend/ dog/ girlfriend/ friend and me or couples massages with two therapists?

When you submit your massage request, use the "Special Instructions" area to indicate that you’re looking for a back-to-back massages (a ZMT performs massages for two or more different people, one after the other) or a couples massage (two ZMTs perform massages at the same time for two people). You will receive separate confirmation texts for each massage. Zeel will only book your massage for you when we have confirmed all the therapists necessary to fulfill your request.


What is the difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is designed to reach the deep portions of thick muscles. Therapists use strong muscle compression and friction to unstick the fibers of the muscles and release both toxins and deeply held patterns of tension. It’s good for muscle aches and sports recovery.

Swedish massage is meant to soothe. It combines various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading, and cross-fiber friction to break up muscle knots. It’s a relaxing, full-body massage for when you want to unwind.


What does adding a therapist to “Favorites” do?

Favorites is a feature that allows Zeel to alert your favorite ZMTs when you request a massage and lets you know when they’re available. We’ll be doing more with “Favorites” in the future. Stay tuned.


Why can’t I book a ZMT right away for my next appointment in a week or two?

A lot can happen in a week. In our experience, cancellations and rescheduling can comprise as many as 20% of bookings. We launched Massage On Demand® to eliminate that problem. When you’re ready for your next appointment, just open up the app and book.


Why can’t I pay cash?

We must report all of our transactions and pay sales tax where legally required. Electronic payments keep us all above board.


I am a devious supervillain. What if I want to go around Zeel and book the ZMT directly?

We work hard to build a system that’s efficient, transparent, and easy to use. Our ZMTs are contractually obligated not to work around Zeel, and we incentivize our ZMTs to make more time available for us so that we can satisfy consumer demand. Our terms of use, which you accept to use our service, also prohibit you from going around Zeel to book a ZMT, so please turn away from the side of evil and don’t do it.


Why does Zeel charge an automatic 18% tip?

Tipping is the industry standard in the massage therapy business. Our ZMTs work hard, and guaranteed tips ensure that we can pay them a competitive wage. Fixing the tip amount also means that you can relax at the end of your massage and not be interrupted by a last-minute calculation or scramble for cash.


Why an 18% tip? Why not 15% or 20%?

In order to streamline the payment process, we felt that 18% was a happy medium between more conservative tippers and others who tip 20% or more.


What is Zeel’s cancellation policy?

Once an appointment is confirmed, you are notified via text. If your plans have changed and you need to cancel the appointment, you can do so within 10 minutes of confirmation with no penalty. After the initial 10-minute period, we assess a $50 fee for any massages that are canceled more than 4 hours away from the appointment time. For massages that are canceled less than 4 hours from the appointment time, we charge the full cost of the massage. Because we’re on-demand, therapists lose income if they keep an appointment time open for you without remuneration.


Why does Zeel offer a discount in New York City if I own a table?

Not all massage therapists have portable massage tables or the ability to transport them. If you own a massage table, we’re able to send more therapists your way. As thanks for making our lives easier, we give you a discount. Don’t know where to get a table? Check out our Free Massage Table Program!


Why does Zeel ask me to have 2 sheets, a towel, and a pillow ready for my in-home massage?

We've found that most people prefer their own linens for in-home appointments. You know that your linens are clean and exactly how you like them. It’s normal to have a few oil or lotion marks on your sheets and towels at the end of your massage. The residue will come out when you wash the sheets as you normally do (and if you don’t wash your sheets, perhaps it’s time to start).


How do I invite friends to try out Zeel?

Click our "Invite Friends" button in the Account area or in the About area on the app. You can send a $25 credit code to any and all of your friends and frenemies via text, email, Twitter, or Facebook. For everyone who books and completes an appointment using your code, we will credit your account with $10 for you to use within a year.


What is Massage Zeelot?

Massage Zeelot is Zeel’s massage subscription plan for true massage lovers. Just sign up and you’ll be guaranteed a 60-minute Zeel Massage for a mere $99 every month for a year. Plus, Zeel will ship you a FREE professional-grade massage table that’s yours to keep. Read more

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